Backend Developer 2016-2017
Headshot Labs
I was involved in development of backend services and networking of our game Killtype: Synthetic. My main responsibility was the development of Lobby Service, the main service that players will use: it mainly deals with matches management and matchmaking.
Lead Programmer 2014-2016
Crimson Games
I led the Development Department for Heroes of Asgard where I was in charge of:
• Development and coding with Unity3D and C#,
• Scalable network programming over .NET sockets,
• MMOG and MMORPG server side gameplay development,
• Objects synchronization over the network and messages broadcasting,
• Website and Wordpress development for company's websites.
Tech consultant 2016-Now
Interdiction Studios
I was a consultant for the MMOG Limb. I participated to the development of their website, the game launcher and the game server architecture.
Tech consultant 2014-Now
Bottega del Sarto
I helped developing their web services such as: website, online shop and the internal softwares for physical shops management. I also helped them with some internal tools to manage daily tasks.
Backend Web Developer 2013-2014
I dealt with web technologies and development of web apps (like Facebook apps or stand alone apps) in PHP, jQuery, MySQL, HTML, CSS. I learned websites development, ecommerces and blog on Wordpress and Magento, landing pages creation. I also started to perform software versioning on GIT.


  • ItalianNative
  • English B2



Game & Software Developer
Network Programmer

About me

Hi, my name is Emanuele and I am a young italian developer. Since childhood I liked computers and programming technologies, I enjoyed designing games on my old copybook: my dream was to create them, sooner or later. During my studies and my working experiences I developed my skills, learning advanced concepts and best practices to manage software engineering.

My objective

Today I achieved my dream to work in the video games industry, but I never stop aspiring for more. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting projects that allow me to expand my knowledge and challenge myself in new learning areas.


I'm a programmer
I love to code, I love to automate things, I love to find new and efficient ways to solve problems.
Rapid learning
If a topic interests me I get the burning desire to learn more about it. I want to improve myself as much as I can and I want to represent a precious resource for the people I work with.
Video Games
I love video games. I love to play them, I love to make them. I love to recreate gameplay mechanics and systems I see on the screen to improve myself.
New tech addict
I love to discover new technologies and new resources. I have a real passion for computer science.

Main Skills

Main known languages​​ I worked with.
  • C#, .NET, .NET Core 
  • Java 
  • PHP and Web 
  • C 


I respect everyone's opinion and I hear them with interest.
I'm humble. This sometimes causes me to doubt my abilities.
I'm an optimistic guy. I always look to the bright side of things.


Computer Engineering 2010-2013
I studied at University of Salerno for three years. I learned advanced programming techniques, data structures building and algorithms designing, OOP with Java, low level MIPS programming, computers architecture, finite states machines, and more. I worked with web techs and databases.
ITI E. Mattei 2006-2010
High School
Graduated in 2010, with 100/100 grade. I learned native programming fundamentals (C, Pascal and ASM) and database management. I also learned web development: PHP, HTML, CSS. In this period I started to train my mind hardly to programming logic and problem solving.


I like all sports, but I love to lift weights. It represents a challenge to yourself to improve your body.
Family & Friends
I love my family, I love my friends. I'm usually friendly with everyone.
Animals & Pets
I like animals and I respect them. I particularly love dogs and cats and I enjoy to play with them.
I love to listen music. I usually prefer hip hop, rock and instrumental.


  • 12/11/1991, Battipaglia (SA), Italy
  • Via G.B. Vignola, 18, Eboli (SA), Italy
  • European Driving License B
  • Blood donor, VOSS


Main known graphic softwares I worked with.
  • 3D Studio Max 
  • Photoshop 
  • Mudbox 


Main known DBMS I worked with.
  • MySQL 
  • SQLServer 


Main known web techs I worked with.
  • HTML 
  • CSS 
  • Javascript 
  • jQuery 
  • Bootstrap 


Main known IDE I worked with.
  • Visual Studio 
  • NetBeans 
  • MonoDevelop 
  • SharpDevelop 

Game Engines

Main known game engines I worked with.
  • Unity3D 
  • XNA 


Known vers. softwares & tools I worked with.
  • SourceTree 
  • GIT 
  • TortoiseGIT